I Got a Freebie! – Coca Cola Tee

I never keep track of sweepstakes in which I participated. It’s just like filling out online forms to request samples and freebies – you did it and then forgot it. A faint trace of memory may appear when the requested items arrive and that’s all about it since people don’t bother to keep record of the free stuff they asked for online. It’s not worth the time to keep such a laundry list especially when the odds of companies carrying out their “promises” are small. In the same vein, the chance of winning a sweepstake is minimal.

As such, I didn’t realize I had entered the Drive Home Green Sweepstakes until I received a Coca Cola t-shirt in the mail! Just out of curiosity, I looked up the sweepstake on the Internet and found that it was sponsored by Target in April in honor of Earth Day 2010. The grand prize was a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid (which I REALLY want to get since I am in need of a car). Other prizes included a trip to a national park, a Sony TV, an electric scooter, etc. The t-shirt I received was the 10th prize and I was one of the 4,000 winners.

What’s special about the t-shirt is that it was made from four recycled Coca Cola plastic bottles. I knew clothing could be made from recycled materials but I didn’t know plastic bottles were one of them. I think this sweepstake is an interesting way to educate and encourage at least 4,000 people to recycle bottles. As one of these 4,000 people, I am willing to spread the word to make another 4,000, 40,000, and even 400,000 people aware of the benefit of recycling plastic bottles.

So, while we enjoy our coke, water, or any beverage in plastic bottles, don’t forget to recycle the bottles and give it back!


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