3D Origami – Keroppi

I was trying to make a 3D Keroppi origami the other day. For those of you who don’t know who Keroppi is, he is a cartoon frog that was created in 1987. His full name is KeroKeroKeroppi. According to Sanrio Town, Keroppi is part of a triplet and lives in KeroKero house with his family. I didn’t know this information until I wrote this blog entry and was pleasantly surprise that Keroppi and I were born in the same year!

I decided to make a Keroppi origami simply because he is cute. With big eyes, a V-shaped mouth and chubby cheeks, Keroppi is one of my favorite cartoon characters. Often seen in a red and white suit, I suspect Keroppi is intended to be portrayed as a swimmer and I decided to employ this signage appearance on my 3D Keroppi origami.

Here are some images of the finished product:

3D Keroppi Origami.

Side view

The back

From top

My origami obviously failed to depict Keroppi’ chubby features. From certain angles, my Keroppi origami looked evil rather than happy. The V-shaped mouth turned into a broken U-shaped. Yet, I was quite satisfied with the red and white portion of the origami. Instead of using printing papers, I used construction papers for the body, which made the origami sturdier and denser.

Although the origami was far from perfection, it was a big step for me to try making something other than the classic 3D panda origami. I came up with the Keroppi pattern on my own and honestly did not find and use any tutorial.


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